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6498-016498-01 high-res image
"HILTON HOTEL STAFF ACCESS ONLY!" signs have replaced the "Shortcut to Third Floor" signs.
(Sunday 09-Nov-2008 16:33:52)

6498-026498-02 high-res image
PMX Registration signs, with "Next year $25" signs.
(Sunday 09-Nov-2008 16:34:02)

6498-036498-03 high-res image
Convention Ops sign, with "Next year $25" signs.
(Sunday 09-Nov-2008 16:34:14)

6498-046498-04 high-res image
Julia Doolittle and Caitlin Doolittle in the "Cosfest."
(Sunday 09-Nov-2008 17:19:08)

6498-06 high-res image, 6498-07 high-res image.
Caitlin Doolittle, Julia Doolittle, and Tiffany as "Princess Serenity."
(Sunday 09-Nov-2008 17:47:38)

6498-086498-08 high-res image
Melissa DeMello, and a whole lot of nachos.
(Sunday 09-Nov-2008 18:53:28)

6498-096498-09 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Melissa De Mello]
(Sunday 09-Nov-2008 18:53:40)

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