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Thanks to Albert (Selina's Husband) for caption help on this page.

6492-016492-01 high-res image
Saltine is completely full.
(Friday 07-Nov-2008 10:20:40)

6492-026492-02 high-res image
Selina Phanara, at her first anime convention.
(Friday 07-Nov-2008 11:31:48)

6492-036492-03 high-res image
Dakota Schuck and Sarah Goldberg.
(Friday 07-Nov-2008 11:33:28)

6492-04 high-res image, 6492-05 high-res image, 6492-06 high-res image.
Exterior view of LAX Marriott.
(Friday 07-Nov-2008 11:44:16)

6492-076492-07 high-res image
Someone, Sarah Goldberg, and Selina Phanara in the Registration room.
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(Friday 07-Nov-2008 12:15:26)

6492-086492-08 high-res image
Selina Phanara with "Hello Kitty" toaster, Lynn Baden with posters, tablecloth sheeting and granola bars, Sarah Goldberg with a bag full of stuffed toys, and Melissa DeMello with the loaded cart ("Ala Cart") and a bottle of Coke.
(Friday 07-Nov-2008 14:51:52)

6492-096492-09 high-res image
Andrew Vo.
(Friday 07-Nov-2008 15:27:52)

6492-10 high-res image, 6492-11 high-res image, 6492-12 high-res image.
Selina Phanara and Lynn Baden, in their new goggles.
(Friday 07-Nov-2008 15:45:18)

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