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6408-016408-01 high-res image
"Dealer Room - Please come in and close the door behind" and "YES WE ARE -OPEN- COME ON IN!" signs.
(Saturday 27-Sep-2008 15:31:30)

6408-026408-02 high-res image
Coppelia DOG in a Bo Peep dress.
(Saturday 27-Sep-2008 15:36:54)

6408-036408-03 high-res image
Coppelia DOG's ladybug stockings.
(Saturday 27-Sep-2008 15:37:10)

6408-046408-04 high-res image
Elizabeth Paulsen and Coppelia DOG.
(Saturday 27-Sep-2008 15:40:40)

6408-056408-05 high-res image
Leigh Ann Hildebrand and Christian B. McGuire, in our hospitality suite.
(Saturday 27-Sep-2008 17:47:44)

6408-066408-06 high-res image
Melissa DeMello ("MEGATRON FOR PRESIDENT") and Patty Engel.
(Saturday 27-Sep-2008 18:45:44)

6408-076408-07 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire, with new ears on his hat, and Chaz Boston Baden. We're at Armadillo Willy's.
(Saturday 27-Sep-2008 18:45:54)

6408-086408-08 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire.
(Saturday 27-Sep-2008 19:37)

6408-096408-09 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire examines the can of "Go Girl" energy drink.
(Saturday 27-Sep-2008 19:41:18)

6408-106408-10 high-res image
Someone, someone else, somebody, somebody else, and one other.
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(Saturday 27-Sep-2008 20:21:12)

6408-116408-11 high-res image
Kevin Roche.
(Saturday 27-Sep-2008 20:21:18)

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