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Thanks to Sarah (missrelena), Alan White, Rayven L. for caption help on this page.

6341-016341-01 high-res image
Badger at the door. The double doorway is a fire exit, but the chair is blocking one of the two doors.
(Monday 01-Sep-2008 13:13:02)

6341-026341-02 high-res image
Ouran Host Club gathering.
(Monday 01-Sep-2008 13:14:16)

6341-036341-03 high-res image
Photographers shooting the Ouran Host Club group. Three people at left; Tenshi as "Sailor Myu-style Sailor Uranus," Natchan as the blue-eared cat girl, I_Schrodinger as the black-eared cat-boy in the chair, and missrelena (Sarah) as "Renge" from Ouran High School Host Club.
(Monday 01-Sep-2008 13:14:24)

6341-046341-04 high-res image
Pool deck, Renaissance Hotel, Las Vegas. "Dash, Splash and Crash!"
(Monday 01-Sep-2008 13:14:32)

6341-056341-05 high-res image
"Exit Only." There were a lot of one-way doorways at the convention.
(Monday 01-Sep-2008 13:15:18)

6341-066341-06 high-res image
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(Monday 01-Sep-2008 13:41:38)

6341-076341-07 high-res image
People will sit down in the halls, chairs or not.
(Monday 01-Sep-2008 13:42)

6341-086341-08 high-res image
Hitler gets all the girls. Rayven L. as Hitler, and Nate as his Jewish Lawyer.
(Monday 01-Sep-2008 13:42:42)

6341-096341-09 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire at our Anime Los Angeles table and Costume Repair Station.
(Monday 01-Sep-2008 13:44:10)

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