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Badge stickers that may be used by the Photography Department to track releases signed and pictures taken.

6150-02 high-res image offline
TF 2874 Super Sports (baseball glove, baseball, basketball, tennis ball, badminton birdie, football) [Danny Low]
(Monday 21-Apr-2008 23:17:50)

6150-03 high-res image offline
TF 2878 International Flags (usa, mexico, canada, south africa?, uae?, uk, japan, germany?, china, italy, australia, israel)
(Monday 21-Apr-2008 23:32:24)

6150-04 high-res image offline
TCR 4252 mittens
(Monday 21-Apr-2008 23:52:30)

6150-06 high-res image offline
T-46163 Tiny Transports (ship, car, bus, locomotive, airplane)
(Monday 21-Apr-2008 23:52:58)

6150-10 high-res image offline
T-46076 Picnic Time (hot dog, frisbee, pop can, watermelon, ant, basket, pie, football)
(Tuesday 22-Apr-2008 00:20:28)

6150-01 high-res image offline
TCR 4281 sports (baseball, cap, glove, football, helmet, basketball, soccer ball)
(Monday 21-Apr-2008 23:04:44)

6150-05 high-res image offline
sports balls (soccer, baseball, waterpolo, football, tennis, basketball)
(Monday 21-Apr-2008 23:03:20)

6150-08 high-res image offline
T-46074 Sports Balls (soccer, football, baseball, basketball, tennis) [Danny L.]
(Monday 21-Apr-2008 22:29:56)

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