Maria's new car; Maria and Lynn went shopping (11/16-Apr-2008)

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Thanks to Lynn Baden for caption help on this page.

6092-126092-12 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez and her Nissan Sentra.
(Friday 11-Apr-2008 10:47:36)

6092-016092-01 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez foreground, Lynn (obscured) at right.
(Wednesday 16-Apr-2008 20:41:04)

6092-026092-02 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez bought new shoes. Here's one of them.
(Wednesday 16-Apr-2008 20:41:12)

6092-036092-03 high-res image
Here's another of Maria Rodriguez's new shoes.
(Wednesday 16-Apr-2008 20:41:26)

6092-046092-04 high-res image
Another of Maria's new shoes.
(Wednesday 16-Apr-2008 20:41:36)

6092-056092-05 high-res image
Lynn shows us a dress they bought today.
(Wednesday 16-Apr-2008 20:41:42)

6092-066092-06 high-res image
And another dress. This dress looks a lot greener in this picture than it really is.
(Wednesday 16-Apr-2008 20:41:50)

6092-076092-07 high-res image
And a brown skirt.
(Wednesday 16-Apr-2008 20:41:58)

6092-086092-08 high-res image
Maria's colorful shoes. These are the ones she wore today.
(Wednesday 16-Apr-2008 20:42:14)

6092-096092-09 high-res image
Lynn Baden with a pair of shiny shoes.
(Wednesday 16-Apr-2008 20:42:24)

6092-106092-10 high-res image
Lynn likes these bronze shoes, too.
(Wednesday 16-Apr-2008 20:42:44)

6092-116092-11 high-res image
Lynn Baden.
(Wednesday 16-Apr-2008 20:42:50)