Shirt Details (13-Apr-2008)

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6090-026090-02 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. I like almost everything about this shirt except the placket. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Sunday 13-Apr-2008 16:47:42)

6090-016090-01 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. There's one or two things I like about this shirt, see below. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Sunday 13-Apr-2008 15:06:48)

6090-036090-03 high-res image
I like the collar on this shirt. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Sunday 13-Apr-2008 16:46:04)

6090-046090-04 high-res image
This collar isn't what I want. I don't need the top button. I really don't need the top two buttons, actually. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Sunday 13-Apr-2008 15:07:08)

6090-056090-05 high-res image
This is from "Hilo Hattie's" and it has a placket like an ordinary button-up shirt. You can see the line of stitches to the right (my left) of the buttons. This is what I want. The print on the pocket lines up -- that's nice, but optional. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Sunday 13-Apr-2008 15:07:52)

UPDATE: It appears I can't have everything, the collar and the placket go together. Maybe interfacing on the other style instead of the stitching like this one?

6090-066090-06 high-res image
The placket isn't stitched down. So the inside piece of fabric tends to fold back, resulting in a triple layer, instead of a double layer, between the buttons and the edge. I don't care for that! [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Sunday 13-Apr-2008 16:46:38)

6090-076090-07 high-res image
The shirt has two pockets, I like that. And you can see the corners of the pockets are reinforced. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Sunday 13-Apr-2008 16:46:14)

Chest measurement is 49".

6090-086090-08 high-res image
Bottom of the shirt covers my belt. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Sunday 13-Apr-2008 16:47:12)

Measurements: hips 51", waist 48 1/2". It's got to go over my hips, though, that's the whole point of having a shirt long enough!

6090-096090-09 high-res image
There's the slit on the side, the bottom edge of the back isn't continuous with the bottom of the front. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Sunday 13-Apr-2008 16:47:20)

6090-106090-10 high-res image
If I raise my arm, it rides up a bit, but not so much that you can see my undershirt. I could probably stand another inch here, but not two. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Sunday 13-Apr-2008 16:47:26)

On this shirt, measuring from the top of the shoulders down the front: 33 1/2". From the top of the shoulder down the back, 34", and from the base of the collar down the back, 32 1/2".

6090-116090-11 high-res image
If I lift up my arm, this shirt rides up far too high. That's because I'm so tall -- I need extra length in the shirt. In t-shirt terms, I need XXL-TALL, not just XXL. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Sunday 13-Apr-2008 15:08:14)