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My apologies for the motion blurs on most of these photos. I was experimenting with my camera and had left it on the wrong setting.

6044-10, Carolyn Ayton opening birthday presents.6044-01, Carolyn Ayton opening birthday presents.6044-02, Carolyn Ayton opening birthday presents.6044-03, Carolyn Ayton opening birthday presents.6044-04, Carolyn Ayton opening birthday presents.6044-05, Carolyn Ayton opening birthday presents.
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Divine Sage finds the stack of Donald Duck and Donald Duck Adventures comic books. And Uncle Scrooge too. I explained that "Scrooge McDuck" was created by Carl Barks for the comic books, and was never shown in theaters in the Donald Duck short subjects. It wasn't until Duck Tales was created that they ever got around to animating Uncle Scrooge.
(Saturday 29-Mar-2008 20:19:46)

6044-06, Carolyn Ayton opening birthday presents.6044-06 high-res image
Divine Sage opens up the tub of milk and dark chocolate covered cashews to share.
(Saturday 29-Mar-2008 20:23:44)

6044-07, Carolyn Ayton opening birthday presents.6044-07 high-res image
Divine Sage has just been handed a Borders gift card, from Stan.
(Saturday 29-Mar-2008 20:25:38)

6044-08, Carolyn Ayton opening birthday presents.6044-08 high-res image
Divine Sage with a stack of book reviews for Diana Glyer's book The Company They Keep: C. S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien as Writers in Community. And an interview. And a photo of Diana at the book launch party. There's a note on the first page that says "This book is in the mail to you."
(Saturday 29-Mar-2008 20:26:28)

Then Carolyn went into the house and discovered that there was a package waiting for her. And it wasn't from an online bookseller website, it was from Professor Diana Glyer. Her copy of the book was inscribed in French, wishing her a happy birthday. There was another line or two. Diana's French is a little more advanced than Carolyn's, and even with Julia's help they didn't quite suss it out. But Carolyn's got a big stack of texts, she'll translate the whole thing yet.

6044-09, Carolyn Ayton opening birthday presents.6044-09 high-res image
Divine Sage, very happy with the presents from her friends.
(Saturday 29-Mar-2008 20:26:40)

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