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6011-116011-11 high-res image
Television in corner. There are six DVD towers along the wall behind the television, on the left side.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:10:14)

6011-12 high-res image, 6011-13 high-res image.
Television and DVD towers. Based on DVDs they already own, we estimate they'll need two more towers on the right. (Most of them are in my garage, but they'll fill the space, no fear...)
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:54:12)

6011-106011-10 high-res image
Dad's office has a ceiling lamp fan now.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:10:34)

6011-036011-03 high-res image
Kitchen. We see a couple of "tasks" that we can itemize: The foreground end of the counter is "Jay-land," for parts that Jay is using in the kitchen, on that newspaper. But other papers, letters, postcards and circulars have been left on top. There's a roll of paper towels that is patiently waiting for the day it gets a nifty holder. The ham on the stove was cooked for Easter (photo taken Easter Sunday) and will be in the fridge within the hour. And there's still the door missing from the under-sink cabinet.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:12:18)

6011-046011-04 high-res image
Ham: nom nom nom... Mom took most of the meat off the bone, and gave it to me to give to Colleen to make ham soup.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:12:26)

6011-066011-06 high-res image
Light-up Christmas Tree. It really needs a permanent home, but it's big, bulky, and fragile... Note bread machine has not yet been put into service. Will it live down here, away from all of the other electric cooking appliances?
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:12:46)

6011-056011-05 high-res image
This bottle of olive oil won't fit in the cupboard. So I raised an upper shelf (they're adjustable) to make it fit. Incidentally, Maria works at a gourmet olive/olive oil store, so anyone who expresses an interest may end up with good quality olive oil by their next birthday...
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:12:36)

6011-146011-14 high-res image
Project cards on side of fridge. Ice dispenser is out of service. Tea-light candles at left need to be returned: "Don't buy anything before you need it." Olive oil has been put away.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 15:39)

6011-016011-01 high-res image
Lamp fan in workroom. The shelf in the closet is overloaded -- it fell down later that night.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:10:44)

6011-026011-02 high-res image
Well, I was trying to take a picture of the Apple logo stickers on the sliding glass door. You got me (Chaz Boston Baden) for free, as a reflection.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 16:43:14)

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