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6010-016010-01 high-res image
Gardening tools. Work on the front yard expected to begin this week.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:08:42)

6010-046010-04 high-res image
Herbicides for the garden work. Expected to be used this week.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:09:10)

6010-02 high-res image, 6010-03 high-res image.
A quartet of bookcases waiting to be cleaned, sanded, and repainted. We identified this as a task and gave it an estimated time of completion.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:08:48)

6010-056010-05 high-res image
Front door. A couple of tasks identify themselves for us here: the phone books should be brought in (and kept until the real ones come) to be put in their drawer in the secretary, a piece of furniture that's currently out being restored. The modular shelf unit really needs to go away or be refurbed. And the spray bottle of diluted Simple Green should find a place to be kept.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:09:24)

6010-076010-07 high-res image
The chimney bricks have been covered up with tile. Grouting next.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:09:58)

6010-086010-08 high-res image
Jocelyn Baden. Living room table (she did the mosaic on it), and two rugs - a Berbar and a Boukhara. Both will stay in the living room, but are not expected to be unrolled and put into position until more furniture arrives (both refurbs and some new purchases). Mostly we're talking about seating and shelving.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:10:04)

6010-096010-09 high-res image
There's a fan lamp in the living room now.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:10:08)

6010-066010-06 high-res image
Living room. Boxes left behind, and my floor lamp; bag of notebooks, box of newspapers/recyclables. The floor lamp is no longer needed, and that story relates directly to that pile of boxes which will be in the recycle bin by the end of the week.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 13:09:42)

6010-146010-14 high-res image
Transition states. In the foreground you can see I'm dismantling lamps and putting them in the boxes. The canvas bag stuffed with three-ring binders is waiting for a particular storage unit to come into the house. And the lamp fan boxes along the wall are about to be disposed. Compare this photo to the one taken the next day.
(Sunday 23-Mar-2008 16:24:54)

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