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6008-026008-02 high-res image
Alex Hales with hands in pockets, somebody by the fridge, and Wendy Newton.
(Friday 21-Mar-2008 23:09:20)

6008-036008-03 high-res image
Alex Hales watches Wendy blow out her candles.
(Friday 21-Mar-2008 23:09:30)

6008-056008-05 high-res image
Justine and Jacob.
(Friday 21-Mar-2008 23:13:24)

6008-066008-06 high-res image
Eric Owen in S-shirt, and Jacob again.
(Friday 21-Mar-2008 23:13:30)

6008-076008-07 high-res image
Jacob Brenner with t-shirt: "WARNING Do Not Disturb. Game In Progress"
(Friday 21-Mar-2008 23:14:12)

6008-086008-08 high-res image
The walking trash can. It started following me.
(Friday 21-Mar-2008 23:17:02)

6008-096008-09 high-res image
Barbara Newton background left, Terry Newton seated and Sean Newton foreground, and Tadao Tomomatsu.
(Friday 21-Mar-2008 23:18:14)

6008-106008-10 high-res image
Justine Reynolds and Kenny "Spike" Dodds.
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(Friday 21-Mar-2008 23:27:42)

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