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5895-015895-01 high-res image
Lynn and I stopped off at Home Depot to get some flourescent tubes for our kitchen and bathroom. Just enough to replace the burnt-out bulbs, because we expect to replace those fixtures in a year or two.
(Sunday 24-Feb-2008 13:32:58)

5895-02 high-res image, 5895-03 high-res image.
Lynn Baden at the Home Depot in Fullerton on Placentia.
(Sunday 24-Feb-2008 13:33:04)

5895-045895-04 high-res image
At the folks' house, you can see the Ikea "BENNO" CD/DVD towers being used for DVD storage. Dad has divided the alphabet into eighths - so additional "A" titles will go on the top row, etc.
(Sunday 24-Feb-2008 15:25:58)

5895-055895-05 high-res image
Bookcase in Dad's office. Books on the desk. Also newspapers, but they are today's paper.
(Sunday 24-Feb-2008 15:26:52)

5895-065895-06 high-res image
The dish drain is lifted up at one end by a cutting board made from the countertop material. Until Mom needs it, it's as good a place to keep it as any. When she does need it, she might want to give it a quick once-over first, but for now it serves to make a steeper rake for the dishdrain.
(Sunday 24-Feb-2008 15:31:42)

5895-075895-07 high-res image
Jocelyn Baden, Lynn Baden. There's a phone on the dresser on Mom's side of the bed.
(Sunday 24-Feb-2008 15:43:58)

5895-085895-08 high-res image
Kitchen counter, by the time we left. Receipts do not belong sitting on the counter, neither do owner's manuals, warranties, tools, or extension cords -- they all have drawers assigned to them in the kitchen. The material to the right is all "Jay-land" waiting for Jay to come over and deal with them. Lynn Baden standing, Jocelyn Baden seated.
(Sunday 24-Feb-2008 17:00:48)

5895-095895-09 high-res image
View into the kitchen. Still need that under-sink cabinet door. Note that there's a toaster oven next to the toaster now.
(Sunday 24-Feb-2008 17:01:02)

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