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Three wall scrolls hang in front of the window, because there are no curtains or blinds yet.
(Tuesday 19-Feb-2008 23:02:40)

5884-025884-02 high-res image
From the outside, the wall scrolls light up nicely.
(Tuesday 19-Feb-2008 23:08:16)

5884-035884-03 high-res image
First time in a year that their car is parked in the driveway, and they're home, with the lights on, after dark.
(Tuesday 19-Feb-2008 23:09:26)

5884-045884-04 high-res image
This counter needs to be cleared. The fragile antiques are in danger.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2008 10:09:40)

5884-055884-05 high-res image
Coffee maker and coffee grinder. Part of their morning routine. They occupy prime kitchen real estate - the counter between sink and stove.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2008 10:09:54)

5884-065884-06 high-res image
Another little coffee maker, toaster, and microwave oven. Also coffee filters, paper towels, and banana.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2008 10:09:58)

5884-075884-07 high-res image
The under-sink cabinet door needs to be installed.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2008 10:10:14)

5884-085884-08 high-res image
And there's a drawer missing, next to the fridge.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2008 10:10:20)

5884-095884-09 high-res image
The cupboard to the right of the fridge mostly contains fragile things they don't use often.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2008 10:10:46)

5884-105884-10 high-res image
The little bag taped to the window has the tiny plastic covers to hide the screws. You can see that the cactus in the back yard is running wild.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2008 10:11:04)

5884-115884-11 high-res image
The cupboard to the left of the fridge has food. Almost every bit of it purchased at Trader Joe's.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2008 10:11:34)

5884-125884-12 high-res image
Oh, this is a bad sign -- clothes heaped on top of the dresser instead of in the drawers or in the hamper/laundry basket.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2008 10:12:54)

5884-135884-13 high-res image
There are a few things on top of the other dresser as well.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2008 10:13:02)

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