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5742-075742-07 high-res image
We started out at Kashcool Inc., 416/418 East 9th Street, Los Angeles.
(Saturday 08-Mar-2008 13:25:14)

5742-015742-01 high-res image
I bought some of this flamingo fabric.
(Saturday 08-Mar-2008 12:48:51)

5742-025742-02 high-res image
And some of this palm tree/polka dot fabric. I like polka dots so I took some home. Not pictured: some yellow Aloha fabric I also purchased.
(Saturday 08-Mar-2008 12:49)

5742-035742-03 high-res image
This black and red Aloha print caught my eye as well. I figure it'll be good for a more dignified and conservative Aloha shirt.
(Saturday 08-Mar-2008 12:49:06)

5742-05 high-res image, 5742-06 high-res image.
Meanwhile, Stephanie Duchin was looking for some particular zippers.
(Saturday 08-Mar-2008 12:54:37)

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We browsed Top Fashion Fabrics (213-622-0130), which is on a corner (9th and Maple?), but didn't buy anything.
(Saturday 08-Mar-2008 13:29:57)

5742-095742-09 high-res image
The multi-color pawprint fleece was just adorable. If I was in the mood to make a blanket or a sweatshirt, maybe I'd want some...
(Saturday 08-Mar-2008 13:30:07)

5742-105742-10 high-res image
This blue brocade with dragonfly looked great. Must go back and get a few yards for Lynn.
(Saturday 08-Mar-2008 13:31:18)

5742-045742-04 high-res image
The dragonfly brocade comes in several colors.
(Saturday 08-Mar-2008 13:31:23)

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