Cleaning the Couch Cushions (26-Jan-2008)

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809 Lakeview appears to have a concrete brick fence as well as a chain-link.
(Saturday 26-Jan-2008 09:25:58)

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If you look closely, though, you'll see it's a matter of stacks of pallet-loads of concrete bricks piled next to the chain-link fence.
(Saturday 26-Jan-2008 09:26:12)

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Greg's Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning operates out of a light-industrial park on Lakeview.
(Saturday 26-Jan-2008 09:26:48)

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Since most people don't bring their sofas and their wall-to-wall carpets into the shop, the truck goes to them.
(Saturday 26-Jan-2008 09:27:08)

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Since we live around the corner, I brought our stained and soiled sofa cushions in.
(Saturday 26-Jan-2008 09:40:36)

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Richard Stoll, here, took care of cleaning them, and I picked them up a few days later.
(Saturday 26-Jan-2008 09:42:18)