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5615-015615-01 high-res image
"Target Greatland." I think this is the one in Costa Mesa at Harbor Blvd. & Baker, where Fedco once stood.
(Saturday 12-Jan-2008 13:03:38)

5615-025615-02 high-res image
Small chairs for sale.
(Saturday 12-Jan-2008 13:07:54)

5615-035615-03 high-res image
IKEA in Costa Mesa.
(Saturday 12-Jan-2008 13:20:38)

5615-04 high-res image, 5615-05 high-res image.
Big cushions for sale.
(Saturday 12-Jan-2008 13:41:04)

5615-065615-06 high-res image
A table, and a lot of pink hippos.
(Saturday 12-Jan-2008 14:23:58)

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