Checking out the Orange Fresh & Easy (30-Dec-2007)

Rev. 09-Oct-2008 15:18:26

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"Fresh & Easy" is a new medium-sized grocery store. This is the Orange location (at SW corner of Chapman & Main).
(Sunday 30-Dec-2007 16:22:20)

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The City of Orange issued a Proclamation on the occasion of the store opening up. This is one of the very first "Fresh & Easy" stores. They focus on ready-to-cook and ready-to-warm-up meals.
(Sunday 30-Dec-2007 16:24:12)

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They have a sampling station. In some ways they really look like they paid attention to how Trader Joe's does things.
(Sunday 30-Dec-2007 16:28:42)

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They have their own lunch-packs at eye-level. The "Lunchables" brand are lower down in the same cold case.
(Sunday 30-Dec-2007 16:38:34)