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5183-015183-01 high-res image
Tandy Leather in Fountain Valley.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 12:52:52)

5183-025183-02 high-res image
I stopped off at Tandy to see if I could get the materials to fix my favorite dress belt.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 12:53:34)

5183-035183-03 high-res image
Well, they have plenty of replacement buckles.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 13:00:22)

5183-045183-04 high-res image
And these little doo-dads. They've got rivets, and "Chicago Screws."
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 13:00:32)

5183-055183-05 high-res image
And the nice lady fixed the whole thing for me before I left the shop. All better!
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 13:13:44)

5183-065183-06 high-res image
Then I took the folks to Ikea in Costa Mesa. This is the table style they've picked out.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 13:45:58)

5183-075183-07 high-res image
Wil Baden trying out a dining room chair.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 13:46:14)

5183-085183-08 high-res image
Wil and Jocelyn Baden talking about chairs and prices.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 13:46:30)

5183-095183-09 high-res image
Wil Baden standing, Jocelyn taking notes.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 13:47:48)

5183-105183-10 high-res image
Jocelyn and Wil Baden discussing seat cushions.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 13:58:34)

5183-115183-11 high-res image
Wil and Jocelyn. Dad's doing a side-by-side comparison of two kinds of cushions.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 14:00:04)

5183-125183-12 high-res image
Wil Baden, sitting and thinking. In the foreground you can see my digital clipboard.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 14:00:20)

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