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5182-025182-02 high-res image
Family room. Dining room, is probably how it'll be used, but we used to call it the Family room.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 12:14:35)

5182-015182-01 high-res image
Looking across the family room into the kitchen.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 12:15:06)

5182-035182-03 high-res image
A look into the kitchen cupboards. The counters aren't in yet, so you can see how this storage thing works. Make sure you don't stack anything on top of something, because it could get lost in the corners when you spin i.
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(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 12:18:25)

5182-045182-04 high-res image
Kitchen cabinets. Open space for fridge.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 12:18:40)

5182-055182-05 high-res image
Exterior of house next door. The fancy oriental-style details were put in by the original owner, Pat Derbyshire.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 12:19:48)

5182-065182-06 high-res image
This old fence between the houses matches the Derbyshire house, you'll notice.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 12:20:28)

5182-075182-07 high-res image
This house is at the Harbor Blvd. end of the street, and it's the same floorplan as the old homestead. You can see that they added a second window to the corner bedroom.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 12:24:47)

5182-085182-08 high-res image
And it's for sale. It's been on the market all year.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 12:25:39)

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