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The housing tract I grew up in, "College Park" in Costa Mesa, used to have split-rail fences between the houses, and in front of many or all of them. Some of them are still in place, more than 40 years after the place was built.

5180-01 high-res image, 5180-02 high-res image.
326 Princeton Drive.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 12:10:40)

5180-04 high-res image, 5180-03 high-res image.
336 Princeton Drive doesn't have its original split-rail fence -- but the owners of this house or the one next door have put in a new one!
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 12:13:04)

5180-06 high-res image, 5180-05 high-res image.
457 Princeton Drive.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 12:22:59)

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463 Princeton Drive.
(Thursday 27-Dec-2007 12:23:17)

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