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Jocelyn and Lynn Baden trying out chairs.
(Monday 24-Dec-2007 14:28:36)

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Jocelyn Baden on another chair.
(Monday 24-Dec-2007 14:33:48)

5172-035172-03 high-res image
Lynn Baden.
(Monday 24-Dec-2007 14:33:52)

5172-045172-04 high-res image
Some positively enormous coasters. Family-size. Suitable for putting a punchbowl on, or for everyone at the table to park their glassews on.
(Monday 24-Dec-2007 14:37:52)

5172-055172-05 high-res image
Here's that table mom liked.
(Monday 24-Dec-2007 14:41:14)

5172-065172-06 high-res image
It comes in black.
(Monday 24-Dec-2007 14:41:18)

5172-075172-07 high-res image
It comes in brown.
(Monday 24-Dec-2007 14:41:24)

5172-085172-08 high-res image
It expands - there's a leaf or two that you can add in the middle. The table top slides out to reveal the storage compartment. The legs of the table stay put -- just the top slides apart.
(Monday 24-Dec-2007 14:42)

5172-095172-09 high-res image
There are more giant coasters in the kids' department! But these are plastic. They might not actually be coasters.
(Monday 24-Dec-2007 14:50:54)

5172-105172-10 high-res image
Lynn Baden. We've found a "bear chair."
(Monday 24-Dec-2007 14:50:58)

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