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Lynn and I stopped at my parents' house in Costa Mesa, the house I grew up in. My folks are completely remodeling it.

4991-014991-01 high-res image
List of valuables... we don't need to keep those tacked up on the side of the chimney anymore.
(Saturday 01-Dec-2007 12:03:30)

4991-024991-02 high-res image
Patio storage. The roof over the patio is gone. The tree in the back yard is gone.
(Saturday 01-Dec-2007 12:04:48)

4991-034991-03 high-res image
New drywall. This is where the wood paneling used to be.
(Saturday 01-Dec-2007 12:04:58)

4991-04 high-res image, 4991-05 high-res image.
Lynn Baden in the kitchen/dining room.
(Saturday 01-Dec-2007 12:05:14)

4991-064991-06 high-res image
Recessed light fixtures. This implies that the ceiling we see is at least half a foot below the roof.
(Saturday 01-Dec-2007 12:06:02)

4991-074991-07 high-res image
The kitchen, before the counters and sink are installed. The oven used to be on the left, the sink and range on the right.
(Saturday 01-Dec-2007 12:06:46)

4991-084991-08 high-res image
Dining/family room. The exhaust at top left is for the fan over the range.
(Saturday 01-Dec-2007 12:07:02)

4991-094991-09 high-res image
View of the family room. The swinging doors used to be on that doorway at right.
(Saturday 01-Dec-2007 12:07:10)

4991-104991-10 high-res image
Dad's office (former boys room). Door to outside world at left, closet at right.
(Saturday 01-Dec-2007 12:07:54)

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