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4856-014856-01 high-res image
Zach Shaffer.
(Sunday 11-Nov-2007 19:33:24)

4856-024856-02 high-res image
Neo_Serenity (Tiffany) and Zach Shaffer.
(Sunday 11-Nov-2007 19:33:30)

4856-03 high-res image, 4856-04 high-res image.
Zach Shaffer and his nifty little lime.
(Sunday 11-Nov-2007 20:14)

4856-054856-05 high-res image
Zach Shaffer and his Banana Pudding.
(Sunday 11-Nov-2007 20:38:58)

4856-064856-06 high-res image
Neo_Serenity (Tiffany) and the Tres Leches cake.
(Sunday 11-Nov-2007 20:39:02)

4856-074856-07 high-res image
Stephanie Duchin has the Margarita Cheesecake.
(Sunday 11-Nov-2007 20:39:08)

4856-084856-08 high-res image
Caroline Smeby enjoys the Flan.
(Sunday 11-Nov-2007 20:39:16)

4856-094856-09 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden and a little Key Lime Pie. [Photo by Caroline Smeby]
(Sunday 11-Nov-2007 20:39:26)

4856-104856-10 high-res image
Caroline Smeby.
(Sunday 11-Nov-2007 20:39:38)

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