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4834-014834-01 high-res image
Melissa DeMello. Representing Rum Party, and also volunteering to help backstage with Masquerade.
(Sunday 04-Nov-2007 12:14:56)

4834-024834-02 high-res image
Lindsay Tallman, working on the puzzle.
(Sunday 04-Nov-2007 12:44:20)

4834-034834-03 high-res image
Motorcycle in parking lot.
(Sunday 04-Nov-2007 13:37:24)

4834-044834-04 high-res image
Lindsay Tallman, Melissa, Christian B. McGuire and Jeanne Goldfein.
(Sunday 04-Nov-2007 13:37:28)

4834-05 high-res image, 4834-06 high-res image, 4834-07 high-res image.
Another view of the motorcycle, which we saw later on parked on Gaynor near the Tower.
(Sunday 04-Nov-2007 13:37:38)

4834-084834-08 high-res image
Exterior, The Tower.
(Sunday 04-Nov-2007 13:48:46)

4834-094834-09 high-res image
Leaving the Tower. I was feeling like death warmed over on toast, so Lynn drove home. When we got home an hour later I was feeling much better; Christian had just left to run some errands and Jeanne and Lindsay were still talking outside on the curb.
(Sunday 04-Nov-2007 15:53:56)

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