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4808-014808-01 high-res image
The Brown family house. The wedding reception/potluck party is due to start at 1 o'clock. I got there a little early to set up my equipment.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2007 12:03:38)

4808-024808-02 high-res image
Jordan Brown is going to use his leafblower to blow leaves.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2007 12:03:42)

4808-034808-03 high-res image
Alexandra Brown.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2007 12:07)

4808-044808-04 high-res image
Alexandra Brown with a large amount of Halloween candy.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2007 12:07:18)

4808-054808-05 high-res image
Dan Cavanaugh.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2007 12:07:32)

4808-064808-06 high-res image
William G. Wu, the happy groom.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2007 12:07:38)

4808-074808-07 high-res image
Troy Brown, the youngest of the Brown children.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2007 12:07:50)

4808-094808-09 high-res image
Kimberlee Brown.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2007 12:08:12)

4808-104808-10 high-res image
Sarah Brown, the large dog (small horse?).
(Saturday 03-Nov-2007 12:08:52)

4808-114808-11 high-res image
The cake, in the form of a magician's hat. (Bill's a magician, he does card tricks hence the King and Queen of Hearts card cookies on top.)
(Saturday 03-Nov-2007 12:29:52)

4808-124808-12 high-res image
Amy Cavanaugh and Peggy Wu (formerly known as Peggy Little).
(Saturday 03-Nov-2007 12:30:22)

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