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4731-014731-01 high-res image
Kim Bergdahl.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2007 19:15:32)

4731-024731-02 high-res image
Kim Bergdahl, Jeff Bergdahl, and Michelle Bergdahl.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2007 19:15:38)

4731-034731-03 high-res image
Someone and somebody.
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(Sunday 09-Sep-2007 19:40:02)

4731-044731-04 high-res image
Shawn Crosby.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2007 19:50:38)

4731-054731-05 high-res image
Laptop DVD burning station.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2007 19:50:58)

4731-064731-06 high-res image
Lynn Baden.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2007 19:51:02)

4731-074731-07 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez and Lynn Baden.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2007 19:51:08)

4731-084731-08 high-res image
Colleen Crosby, Maria Rodriguez, and Michael Reed.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2007 19:51:22)

4731-094731-09 high-res image
Colleen Crosby.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2007 19:53:50)

4731-104731-10 high-res image
Tadao Tomomatsu, arriving a little late.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2007 19:55:44)

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