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Thanks to Rod O'Riley, Michelle Pincus, Barney Evans, Mike Stern for caption help on this page.

4690-014690-01 high-res image
Mary Creasey.
(Friday 17-Aug-2007 17:38:40)

4690-024690-02 high-res image
Nick Smith.
(Friday 17-Aug-2007 17:38:58)

4690-034690-03 high-res image
John Creasey in the Dealers' Room.
(Friday 17-Aug-2007 17:39:58)

4690-044690-04 high-res image
Joe Bethancourt.
(Friday 17-Aug-2007 17:43:54)

4690-054690-05 high-res image
Guest of Honor Tom Digby, and bubbles.
(Friday 17-Aug-2007 17:48:32)

4690-064690-06 high-res image
Lucy Stern, Lee Gold, and Mike Stern.
(Friday 17-Aug-2007 17:48:58)

4690-074690-07 high-res image
Con Suite Master, Kate Evans.
(Friday 17-Aug-2007 17:49:10)

4690-084690-08 high-res image
Lee (obscured) background left; Mike Stern and Barry Gold.
(Friday 17-Aug-2007 17:49:22)

4690-094690-09 high-res image
Nick Smith at the controls.
(Friday 17-Aug-2007 17:49:56)

4690-104690-10 high-res image
Greg Gross on stage.
(Friday 17-Aug-2007 17:50:12)

4690-114690-11 high-res image
Leslie Fish.
(Friday 17-Aug-2007 17:54:24)

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