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4673-014673-01 high-res image
The chili is cooking in the crockpot in the back yard.
(Saturday 25-Aug-2007 14:44:50)

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We have a bench in front of the shed.
(Saturday 25-Aug-2007 14:45:36)

4673-034673-03 high-res image
Pat Larson and Eric Larson arrive from their travels.
(Saturday 25-Aug-2007 17:52:48)

4673-044673-04 high-res image
Snacks in the living room.
(Saturday 25-Aug-2007 17:53:56)

4673-054673-05 high-res image
Chairs in the living room, ready for our friends to come over.
(Saturday 25-Aug-2007 17:54)

4673-06 high-res image, 4673-08 high-res image.
Eric Larson.
(Saturday 25-Aug-2007 17:54:48)

4673-074673-07 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Eric Larson]
(Saturday 25-Aug-2007 17:54:56)

4673-09 high-res image, 4673-10 high-res image.
Pat Larson and Eric Larson.
(Saturday 25-Aug-2007 17:57:54)

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