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R. Manassero Farms fruitstand near our house. Lynn stopped there to get some fresh fruit.
(Sunday 24-Jun-2007 15:00:04)

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"Parking Space Reserved for Maria Rodriguez." First one in the family to have a parking space with her name on it...
(Sunday 24-Jun-2007 15:59:22)

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"Wilshire Place Hotel Apts." The building's been here since about 1928 -- it's about as old as the Empire State Building, although not as tall.
(Sunday 24-Jun-2007 16:05:02)

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Lynn at the front steps of the apartment building.
(Sunday 24-Jun-2007 16:05:16)

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"DRIVING ROUTE" and "CREW PARKING" signs. Ho-hum, we're in L.A., these things turn up all over the place. Next to this lobby couch, not pictureed, is the "Freebie Chair" -- anything left on that chair is up for grabs for anyone who wants it.
(Sunday 24-Jun-2007 16:06:02)

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Mailboxes. And wall decorations.
(Sunday 24-Jun-2007 16:06:36)

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Lynn Baden outside Maria's door. We've brought shirts because Maria's offered to fix them for me.
(Sunday 24-Jun-2007 16:08:08)

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Lynn and Maria Rodriguez, inside the studio apartment.
(Sunday 24-Jun-2007 16:08:34)

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View of closet and dining table.
(Sunday 24-Jun-2007 16:08:46)

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