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4598-014598-01 high-res image
We had nothing to do, so we unpacked all of the books we could find. Stacey, Brett Achorn, Lynn Baden.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2007 14:35:46)

4598-024598-02 high-res image
Joyce walks past the now-filled bookcases.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2007 14:35:50)

4598-034598-03 high-res image
Brett at left, Lynn Baden.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2007 14:43:22)

4598-044598-04 high-res image
Nightstand. Note boot horn, big bible on bottom shelf, small white bible in drawer.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2007 14:44:46)

4598-05 high-res image, 4598-06 high-res image.
Edward Hooper declaiming, Sherri Benoun and Elayne Pelz on the floor at his feet. Also Brett and Stacey on couch, Joyce Hooper, and Lynn Baden in background.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2007 14:56:38)

4598-074598-07 high-res image
Tony Benoun.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2007 14:57:06)

4598-094598-09 high-res image
Lamps have been plugged in, bed is almost ready for occupancy.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2007 15:41:18)

4598-084598-08 high-res image
View of the south side, with the better-looking furniture.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2007 15:41:08)

4598-104598-10 high-res image
View of bookcases.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2007 15:41:32)

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