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4591-024591-02 high-res image
Chicago Pelz. (Named because of the white socks.)
(Saturday 02-Jun-2007 12:15:08)

4591-034591-03 high-res image
Tony Benoun.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2007 12:15:32)

4591-064591-06 high-res image
Tadao Tomomatsu surveys the empty truck.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2007 12:15:54)

4591-074591-07 high-res image
Liz Mortensen.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2007 12:16)

4591-084591-08 high-res image
Lynn hugs Kris Bauer. Liz Mortensen at right.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2007 12:16:04)

4591-104591-10 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire in his new room.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2007 12:16:20)

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