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Ken Desoto at the Bay Area animation society table, packing up.
(Monday 28-May-2007 15:04:26)

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Kim Smith, Jessica Saxon, Chen Jiang, Heather (last name withheld by request) and Laura Scoby.
(Monday 28-May-2007 15:45:44)

4588-054588-05 high-res image
Our trash box, with the poster made from Jessica's color flyer.
(Monday 28-May-2007 15:49)

4588-064588-06 high-res image
Another trash box. Note that someone has stolen the poster off of the side!
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(Monday 28-May-2007 15:49:06)

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Masato Kaida.
(Monday 28-May-2007 16:13:44)

4588-084588-08 high-res image
Jeanne Goldfein, in Ops.
(Monday 28-May-2007 16:21:20)

4588-094588-09 high-res image
The all-night Safeway "Midtown" that I bought the water at. I stopped here for some snacks and sodas after dropping Graham off at the airport and before hitting the road.
(Monday 28-May-2007 17:18:22)

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