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Thanks to Wendy Newton for caption help on this page.

4551-014551-01 high-res image
Eugene Hourney and Pearl Newton, the birthday girl.
(Saturday 19-May-2007 21:03:18)

4551-024551-02 high-res image
Heide Nichols.
(Saturday 19-May-2007 21:03:26)

4551-034551-03 high-res image
Karl Lembke.
(Saturday 19-May-2007 21:03:32)

4551-044551-04 high-res image
Wendy Newton.
(Saturday 19-May-2007 21:03:36)

4551-054551-05 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez, bartending.
(Saturday 19-May-2007 21:03:48)

4551-064551-06 high-res image
Lynn Baden.
(Saturday 19-May-2007 21:04:06)

4551-074551-07 high-res image
Barbara Newton.
(Saturday 19-May-2007 21:04:34)

4551-08 high-res image, 4551-09 high-res image.
Brandon Eads, home on "terminal leave."
(Saturday 19-May-2007 21:04:52)

4551-104551-10 high-res image
Wendy Newton and Karl Lembke.
(Saturday 19-May-2007 21:05:44)

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