Party at Elaine and Dale's House (12-May-2007)

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Thanks to Joe Cache, Elaine Vander Linden for caption help on this page.

4547-014547-01 high-res image
The lovely angel food cake Elaine made.
(Saturday 12-May-2007 20:52:54)

4547-024547-02 high-res image
Rebecca Picco and Joe Cache.
(Saturday 12-May-2007 20:53:20)

4547-034547-03 high-res image
Lynn Baden.
(Saturday 12-May-2007 20:53:34)

4547-044547-04 high-res image
Jeff Avella.
(Saturday 12-May-2007 21:33:18)

4547-064547-06 high-res image
Sandy something playing with a Tangle.
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(Saturday 12-May-2007 21:33:56)

4547-074547-07 high-res image
A magnetic levitating top.
(Saturday 12-May-2007 21:34:14)

4547-084547-08 high-res image
Dan Slater playing with the toys!
(Saturday 12-May-2007 21:34:32)

4547-094547-09 high-res image
Jeff Avella.
(Saturday 12-May-2007 21:41:02)

4547-104547-10 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Jeff Avella]
(Saturday 12-May-2007 21:41:24)

4547-114547-11 high-res image
Jeff Avella.
(Saturday 12-May-2007 21:41:40)