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Thanks to Wendy Newton, Heide Nichols for caption help on this page.

4543-014543-01 high-res image
Pearl Newton.
(Saturday 24-Mar-2007 20:44:40)

4543-024543-02 high-res image
Barbara Newton.
(Saturday 24-Mar-2007 20:44:58)

4543-034543-03 high-res image
Sean Newton and Terry Newton.
(Saturday 24-Mar-2007 20:45:12)

4543-044543-04 high-res image
Brandon Eads.
(Saturday 24-Mar-2007 20:45:30)

4543-054543-05 high-res image
Michael Karpenske.
(Saturday 24-Mar-2007 20:45:42)

4543-064543-06 high-res image
Justine Reynolds.
(Saturday 24-Mar-2007 20:46:04)

4543-074543-07 high-res image
Wendy Newton and Rachel Carson.
(Saturday 24-Mar-2007 20:46:22)

4543-084543-08 high-res image
Amy H. (Heide's daughter) visiting from Northern Arizona University.
(Saturday 24-Mar-2007 20:46:42)

4543-094543-09 high-res image
Martin Young and Fred Lazzelle.
(Saturday 24-Mar-2007 20:47:02)

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