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4523-014523-01 high-res image
Amy ("AmyCat") Carpenter at Book Universe table in the Dealers' Room.
(Sunday 04-Mar-2007 11:12:28)

4523-024523-02 high-res image
Amy ("AmyCat") Carpenter with Danny Cat.
(Sunday 04-Mar-2007 11:13)

4523-034523-03 high-res image
Liz Mortensen.
(Sunday 04-Mar-2007 11:19:22)

4523-044523-04 high-res image
Stanley Watson.
(Sunday 04-Mar-2007 11:45:48)

4523-054523-05 high-res image
Rebecca Linker, Miranda Arnush and Solomon something.?
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(Sunday 04-Mar-2007 12:02:21)

4523-064523-06 high-res image
Kris Bauer.
(Sunday 04-Mar-2007 13:27:32)

4523-074523-07 high-res image
Brian Kruise.
(Sunday 04-Mar-2007 15:36:53)

4523-084523-08 high-res image
Art Show fixtures.
(Sunday 04-Mar-2007 15:47:46)

4523-094523-09 high-res image
Kevin Kellogg, James Hay, and Anastasia Hunter.
(Sunday 04-Mar-2007 16:15:11)

4523-104523-10 high-res image
Anastasia Hunter, Pearl Stickler, and Thomas Oliver on a panel.
(Sunday 04-Mar-2007 16:15:33)

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