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4515-01 high-res image, 4515-02 high-res image.
Handlery Hotel, exterior.
(Sunday 04-Mar-2007 16:20:42)

4515-034515-03 high-res image
Handlery Hotel, exterior. The Bloodmobile is pulled up out front for ConDor's Blood Drive.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2007 10:31:59)

4515-044515-04 high-res image
Someone, Marty Massoglia, someone else, and Keith Thompson in the Regency Dance.
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(Friday 02-Mar-2007 22:37:56)

4515-054515-05 high-res image
Todd Allis.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2007 10:50:15)

4515-064515-06 high-res image
Nancy Hay.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2007 11:30:03)

4515-074515-07 high-res image
(Saturday 03-Mar-2007 11:42:32)

4515-084515-08 high-res image
Amy ("AmyCat") Carpenter.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2007 12:14:13)

4515-094515-09 high-res image
Fan table area.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2007 13:03:45)

4515-104515-10 high-res image
Patricia Day and Robin Hunt.
(Saturday 03-Mar-2007 13:04:06)

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