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3198-013198-01 high-res image
Shelter 17 at Mile Square Park.
(Sunday 19-Aug-2007 12:13:16)

3198-023198-02 high-res image
Jarod and Lynn at the grill.
(Sunday 19-Aug-2007 12:13:24)

3198-033198-03 high-res image
Scott Watson aka W4. His t-shirt has a paraphrase of the James Nicoll quote: "English doesn't borrow from other languages. English follows other languages down dark alleys, knocks them over and goes through their pockets for loose grammar." The shirt is produced by Pegasus Publishing.
(Sunday 19-Aug-2007 12:13:58)

3198-043198-04 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden, filling the big barrel cooler. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Sunday 19-Aug-2007 12:19:10)

3198-053198-05 high-res image
Lynn Baden.
(Sunday 19-Aug-2007 12:19:20)

3198-063198-06 high-res image
Siggy Warheit.
(Sunday 19-Aug-2007 12:26:20)

3198-073198-07 high-res image
DJ Phat Bones (Andrew Hanley).
(Sunday 19-Aug-2007 12:26:22)

3198-083198-08 high-res image
Jarod Nandin, on the phone giving directions.
(Sunday 19-Aug-2007 12:26:34)

3198-093198-09 high-res image
Brook Alnaal ("Cyan Bloodbane").
(Sunday 19-Aug-2007 12:26:38)

3198-103198-10 high-res image
Brook Alnaal ("Cyan Bloodbane").
(Sunday 19-Aug-2007 12:26:44)

3198-113198-11 high-res image
Earl Brooks and Jarod Nandin.
(Sunday 19-Aug-2007 12:39:04)

3198-123198-12 high-res image
Cesar Galivan, Earl Brooks, and Jarod Nandin.
(Sunday 19-Aug-2007 12:39:12)

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