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3063-013063-01 high-res image
Lynn Baden, who got up before I did and opened up the table.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2007 09:47:08)

3063-023063-02 high-res image
Sandy Pluta, about to take Lynn away for the day.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2007 10:19:04)

3063-03 high-res image, 3063-04 high-res image.
Elise, Holly, and Ashlee, as the Powerpuff Girls.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2007 10:47:04)

3063-053063-05 high-res image
Jamie DeVriend ("Dark Sakara") and her dolfie.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2007 11:06:28)

3063-063063-06 high-res image
(Sunday 15-Jul-2007 11:13:32)

3063-073063-07 high-res image
Amber Mennecke and Jen Hight. (Amber saw me at AODSF 2006.)
(Sunday 15-Jul-2007 11:23:34)

3063-083063-08 high-res image
Dominic Young in his Raccoon P.D. uniform.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2007 12:18:18)

3063-093063-09 high-res image
Brian Rude, who dressed as "Mario" at Animé Los Angeles 1.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2007 12:24:48)

3063-103063-10 high-res image
Brandon McKinney, storyboard artist. He was doing sketches for people.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2007 12:50:38)

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