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4413-014413-01 high-res image
Jim Murray and René Walling from Montreal.
(Sunday 03-Dec-2006 11:40:02)

4413-024413-02 high-res image
Shouichi Hachiya.
(Sunday 03-Dec-2006 11:43:20)

4413-034413-03 high-res image
Someone, somebody, and someone else.
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(Sunday 03-Dec-2006 11:44:10)

4413-044413-04 high-res image
Ruth Lichtwardt.
(Sunday 03-Dec-2006 11:45:18)

4413-054413-05 high-res image
Tanya Holthouse.
(Sunday 03-Dec-2006 12:15:06)

4413-064413-06 high-res image
Jeff Orth and Christian B. McGuire.
(Sunday 03-Dec-2006 12:21:16)

4413-074413-07 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire standing in front of Arthur Bryant's Barbeque.
(Sunday 03-Dec-2006 13:21:46)

4413-084413-08 high-res image
René Walling, Christian B. McGuire, Tanya Holthouse, and Jeff Orth, outside Arthur Bryant's.
(Sunday 03-Dec-2006 13:25:08)

4413-094413-09 high-res image
Kurt Baty, Mary Kay Kare, and Sandra Childress.
(Sunday 03-Dec-2006 14:06:50)

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