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4401-014401-01 high-res image
Bill Parker.
(Friday 01-Dec-2006 22:11:16)

4401-024401-02 high-res image
Craige Howlett, Bobbi Armbruster, and Joyce Hooper.
(Friday 01-Dec-2006 22:14:44)

4401-034401-03 high-res image
Ted Poovey and Darice Shirber Poovey.
(Friday 01-Dec-2006 22:16:40)

4401-044401-04 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire and Mona Martinez.
(Friday 01-Dec-2006 22:25:08)

4401-054401-05 high-res image
John Shoberg.
(Friday 01-Dec-2006 22:26:08)

4401-064401-06 high-res image
John and Pam Fremon working on their structure.
(Friday 01-Dec-2006 22:26:18)

4401-074401-07 high-res image
Tinkertoy structure.
(Friday 01-Dec-2006 22:26:28)

4401-084401-08 high-res image
Someone standing, Bruce Miller in stripes, and Michael Siladi, sitting behind their tinkertoy project.
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(Friday 01-Dec-2006 22:26:38)

4401-094401-09 high-res image
Craig Miller, Sharon Sbarsky, and Barb Van Tilburg, and the tinker toys.
(Friday 01-Dec-2006 22:26:48)

4401-104401-10 high-res image
A view of another team's project.
(Friday 01-Dec-2006 22:26:58)

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