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We used this ice chest for transporting ice.
(Sunday 26-Nov-2006 09:38:30)

4390-024390-02 high-res image
And we had these coolers for the sodas. Here they are in the Con Suite.
(Sunday 26-Nov-2006 09:38:43)

4390-034390-03 high-res image
And then we hauled the empty coolers into the prep room for refilling.
(Sunday 26-Nov-2006 09:49:09)

4390-044390-04 high-res image
"Kagome Higurashi" (Brianna Scroggins).
(Sunday 26-Nov-2006 10:19:10)

4390-054390-05 high-res image
Kim Rose and Roger Rose.
(Sunday 26-Nov-2006 11:41:58)

4390-064390-06 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez, in her cloak and polka-dot dress.
(Sunday 26-Nov-2006 13:15:32)

4390-084390-08 high-res image
Susan Gleason (Dr. Arizona) and Scott Beckstead. Next year's chair and this year's chair.
(Sunday 26-Nov-2006 15:06:55)

4390-094390-09 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire, hotel liaison; and Susan Gleason, Dr. Arizona, next year's chair.
(Sunday 26-Nov-2006 15:07:14)

4390-104390-10 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire is starting to doze off. Susan (obscured) at right.
(Sunday 26-Nov-2006 15:19:29)

4390-114390-11 high-res image
Kathryn Baron.
(Sunday 26-Nov-2006 20:14:24)

4390-124390-12 high-res image
"Dear Valued Guest / In an effort to improve elevator performance, please keep maximum elevator capacity to 10 6 people at a time. Thank You"
(Sunday 26-Nov-2006 17:02:14)

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