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We had our ice chests on the table. Bottled water on the left, Coca-Cola in bottles and other delights on the right. This is during the L.A.con IV Thank You party, so we have a different selection than the rest of the weekend.
(Friday 24-Nov-2006 21:34:36)

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In the third ice chest we had Snapple, Red Bull, and Frappacinos.
(Friday 24-Nov-2006 21:34:50)

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Dorothy Truslow as one of the Con Ops "Con Scouts."
(Friday 24-Nov-2006 21:42:28)

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Christian B. McGuire.
(Friday 24-Nov-2006 22:38:19)

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Dave McCarty and Helen Montgomery.
(Friday 24-Nov-2006 22:39:57)

4388-064388-06 high-res image
Colleen Crosby.
(Friday 24-Nov-2006 23:05:33)

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Lawrence Green and Shawn Crosby.
(Friday 24-Nov-2006 23:14:44)

4388-084388-08 high-res image
Elizabeth Reed and Colleen Crosby.
(Friday 24-Nov-2006 23:15:22)

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Lux Bladerunner crew. Rizwan Kassim, David Milano, Wendy Newton, Amy Calcote, Pat Mannion behind Shawn Crosby, Colleen Crosby, Chas Hoff in back, a lady, Elizabeth Reed in front of man in hat, and Michael Reed. Maria Rodriguez at right.
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(Friday 24-Nov-2006 23:43:05)

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