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Queen Mary.
(Saturday 23-Sep-2006 16:55)

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Russian submarine "Scorpion."
(Saturday 23-Sep-2006 16:54:40)

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Lynn Baden, looking at the ships.
(Saturday 23-Sep-2006 16:55:08)

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Lynn Baden in our little inside room.
(Saturday 23-Sep-2006 17:15:36)

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Chaz Boston Baden, at dinner. [Photo by Lynn Baden]
(Saturday 23-Sep-2006 18:12:58)

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Lynn Baden, at the Promenade Cafe.
(Saturday 23-Sep-2006 18:13:18)

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Lynn Baden.
(Saturday 23-Sep-2006 18:13:26)

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This is a re-creation of the ship's wartime emergency procedures, not the peacetime version. Certaintly, no such glaring notice would be posted during civilian operations. This was created by looking at photographs from the war; the originals are long since discarded and lost. Sadly, so are the original wooden railing crowns which were scarred by thousands of soldiers during their crossings. Those rails that could not be planed down were thrown away and new teak installed. Anxious to move past the war years, in this instance Cunard Line probably should have donated them to a museum. A few genuine reminders of war service remain - usually graffiti scrawled on the bottom of furniture, or in an out of the way bulkhead far below. Such finds are documented and treated with reverence by the present day crew of the Queen Mary.
(Saturday 23-Sep-2006 18:21:40)

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