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Thanks to Janis Olson for caption help on this page.

4147-01 high-res image, 4147-02 high-res image.
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(Saturday 08-Apr-2006 23:29)

4147-034147-03 high-res image
Connor Foss giving Greg Hemsath a hand.
(Saturday 08-Apr-2006 23:33)

4147-04 high-res image, 4147-05 high-res image.
Greg Hemsath.
(Saturday 08-Apr-2006 23:34)

4147-064147-06 high-res image
Richard Foss in the kitchen.
(Saturday 08-Apr-2006 23:50)

4147-074147-07 high-res image
Janis Olson.
(Sunday 09-Apr-2006 00:24)

4147-084147-08 high-res image
Connor Foss, Bonnie Long-Hemsath, and Greg Hemsath.
(Sunday 09-Apr-2006 00:26)

4147-094147-09 high-res image
Karen Stampley, Soraya Newell, and Glen Olson.
(Sunday 09-Apr-2006 00:28)

4147-104147-10 high-res image
Glen Olson.
(Sunday 09-Apr-2006 00:28)

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