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4144-014144-01 high-res image
Detail showing the four different flavors of cake. Strawberry, banana, spice, and chocolate devil's food.
(Friday 11-Aug-2006 22:47:10)

4144-024144-02 high-res image
FER (Jennifer Morgan) and Matt^2 (Matt Wells).
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(Friday 11-Aug-2006 23:08:52)

4144-03 high-res image, 4144-04 high-res image.
(Name withheld by request).
(Friday 11-Aug-2006 23:31:58)

4144-05 high-res image, 4144-06 high-res image.
Anthony Williams and Yana Neko (Adriana Zepeda).
(Friday 11-Aug-2006 23:32:54)

4144-07 high-res image, 4144-08 high-res image.
Charli Ann Day in red in background; (Name withheld by request) demonstrating line dancing.
(Friday 11-Aug-2006 23:35:14)

4144-094144-09 high-res image
(Name withheld by request) leads the line dance. FER (Jennifer Morgan) and Anthony Williams at right.
(Friday 11-Aug-2006 23:35:52)

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