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FER (Jennifer Morgan), Angelica Mora (Videl-chan) with hat, and Neo_Serenity (Tiffany).
(Friday 11-Aug-2006 21:12:52)

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Neo_Serenity (Tiffany).
(Friday 11-Aug-2006 21:13)

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Neo_Serenity (Tiffany) and her lucky lottery candle.
(Friday 11-Aug-2006 21:18:50)

4141-074141-07 high-res image
Neo_Serenity (Tiffany) and the classic Star Trek costume she made years ago.
(Friday 11-Aug-2006 21:32)

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Spam quesadillas. Tasty!
(Friday 11-Aug-2006 21:43:22)

4141-094141-09 high-res image
Jarod Nandin, Neo_Serenity (Tiffany), and Charli Ann Day.
(Friday 11-Aug-2006 22:22:10)

4141-104141-10 high-res image
The trailer cake Tiffany made.
(Friday 11-Aug-2006 22:25:04)

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