Sunday Brunch at Taco Rosa (16-Jul-2006)

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Lynn Baden. We came to Taco Rosa with my folks to celebrate Lynn's recent birthday.
(Sunday 16-Jul-2006 10:59:30)

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Wil Baden.
(Sunday 16-Jul-2006 10:59:58)

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Maria Rodriguez.
(Sunday 16-Jul-2006 11:00:30)

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Lynn found a few things she could safely eat.
(Sunday 16-Jul-2006 11:00:42)

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Maria tried some soup and fruit and some breads.
(Sunday 16-Jul-2006 11:00:52)

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Dad had something delicious as well.
(Sunday 16-Jul-2006 11:01:06)

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Jocelyn Baden.
(Sunday 16-Jul-2006 11:56:56)

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Chaz Boston Baden.
(Sunday 16-Jul-2006 12:36:58)