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3956-013956-01 high-res image
Pearl Newton, near family pictures.
(Friday 19-May-2006 21:16:16)

3956-023956-02 high-res image
Laura Korp.
(Friday 19-May-2006 21:17:24)

3956-033956-03 high-res image
Bert Boden.
(Friday 19-May-2006 21:17:36)

3956-043956-04 high-res image
Wendy Newton, Maria Rodriguez, and Justine Reynolds at the Mahh-Jongg table.
(Friday 19-May-2006 21:18:46)

3956-053956-05 high-res image
Justine Reynolds and Joan Steward.
(Friday 19-May-2006 21:19:02)

3956-063956-06 high-res image
Joan Steward and Alison.
(Friday 19-May-2006 21:20:06)

3956-073956-07 high-res image
Barksdale Hales standing, Terry Newton seated.
(Friday 19-May-2006 21:21:02)

3956-083956-08 high-res image
Marty Cantor and Mike "Tiny" Korp.
(Friday 19-May-2006 21:21:16)

3956-093956-09 high-res image
Barbara Newton.
(Friday 19-May-2006 21:21:34)

3956-103956-10 high-res image
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(Friday 19-May-2006 21:21:50)

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