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Thanks to Todd Allis, Mary Newman for caption help on this page.

3898-013898-023898-01, 3898-02.
Janet Tait.
(Sunday 05-Mar-2006 15:52:10)

Panel. Kathie Oliver at left, Thomas Oliver, James Hay, and Colleen Kelly Burks.
(Sunday 05-Mar-2006 16:37:06)

Panel. Thomas Oliver at left, James Hay, Colleen Kelly Burks, and Sandra Childress.
(Sunday 05-Mar-2006 16:36:44)

"Elevator." It looks more like a couple of phone booths.
(Sunday 05-Mar-2006 17:17:32)

The elevator is actually to the right (out of camera shot), while these are the phone booths next to the elevator. I guess the hotel thought this was the best place to put the sign so that people down the hall could see it. (Mary Newman)

Sue Dawe.
(Sunday 05-Mar-2006 17:18:32)

Davina (Dawn Devine), Fred Lazella, and Jim Briggs.
(Sunday 05-Mar-2006 17:55:28)

Kevin Kellogg on left obscuring Thomas Oliver, Kathie Oliver against wall, James Hay with hands folded, Nancy Hay turning away.
(Sunday 05-Mar-2006 17:55:46)

Sue Dawe.
(Sunday 05-Mar-2006 17:56:02)

Donna Keeley eating some pizza wearing green.
(Sunday 05-Mar-2006 17:56:18)

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